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Runner, writer, maker, mum

Taking on the world, one run at a time

As we grow older it’s easy to avoid experiences that physically challenge us. Getting hot, sweaty and puffed doesn’t have the same appeal it did when we were kids.

We grow comfortable with the lives we lead, but what if we could do — and be — more?

What if going beyond our self-imposed limits opened a door to the best experiences of our lives?

That’s why I run. 

I run to lose myself in the moment, and to find myself there too. I run because it lights me up and makes me feel more alive than I ever felt before.

I run to find quietness, solitude and calm.

I run because in doing so, I remember what it felt like to be a teenager, running fluidly and free. 

I run because it’s a gift to myself.

I wasn’t always a runner

I took up running to lose weight.

Because I needed to lose weight, otherwise menopause was not going to be a happy place for me.

I was almost 40, and hadn’t run since I was a teenager. But I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to do a Learn To Run program.

However — I wasn’t ready to take the first step.

She texted me every few minutes for hours, asking if I’d signed up yet.

So I had to follow through. And I can’t thank her enough.

She changed my life.

In fact, she probably saved it.

Events completed

Kilometres run

Coffees drunk

Did I lose the weight?

I don’t know!

The numbers on my scales quickly lost meaning.

The only numbers that matter now are the numbers on my Garmin!


A little bit more about
Run Eat Sleep Repeat

As an enthusiastic amateur, most running websites and magazines don’t ‘speak’ to me.

I’m not an elite runner and I’m definitely not fast.

But then, neither are most of the women I run with.

With that understanding, I realised most publications are speaking to aspirational and elite athletes.

The everyday, time-poor Aussie woman who is bringing up the rear in a race?

We’re an afterthought, at best.

And so, Run Eat Sleep Repeat was born.

My words in this post got dust in the eyes of over 11,000 women runners.
Will it affect you, too?

Find out now

I'm a words + numbers girl

Run Eat Sleep Repeat combines my love of running with my professional communications and science background.

Pssst — I’ve also got a Science degree (with Honours) and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication — in case you’re wondering.

I’m not just a runner with pretty words and pretty ordinary pictures.

I’ve worked in digital communications for over 15 years. Before that, I was a research scientist, but that was just a phase.

I started as a journalist and sub-editor with the ABC. I then moved to the Queensland Government, where I worked on national park visitor communications and management.

I’ve run my own communications consultancy, too.

And now I put everything I’ve learnt into Run Eat Sleep Repeat.

I use my words to inspire women to run.

And — in a hat-tip to my old career — I use the numbers to inform this site’s success.

I can work with brands and labels to get your message heard by the right audience.

Because inspiring words are fantastic, but what you really need is an audience that takes action.

That knows your name.

That clicks the link.

That buys your thing.

I can help. Let’s talk.

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