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Taking on the world, one run at a time

As we grow older it’s incredibly easy to avoid experiences that physically challenge us. Getting hot, sweaty and puffed doesn’t have the same appeal it did when we were kids.

We grow comfortable with the lives we lead, but what if we could do, and be … more?

What if going beyond our self-imposed limitations and comfort zones opened a door to the best experiences of our lives? 

That’s why I run. 

I run to lose myself in the moment, and to find myself there too. I run because it lights me up in a way that makes me feel more alive than I ever felt before. I run to find quietness, solitude and calm. 

I run because in doing so, I remember what it felt like to be a teenager, running fluidly and free. 

I run because it’s a gift to myself.

How I became a runner

I wasn’t always a runner.

I took up running to lose weight. Because I needed to lose weight, otherwise menopause and aging were not going to be a happy place for me. 

I was almost 40, and hadn’t run since I was a teenager. 

But I offhandedly mentioned to a friend that I wanted to do Learn To Run with Operation Move. And she texted me every few minutes for hours, asking me if I’d signed up yet. 

So I had to follow through. And I can’t thank her enough. 

She changed my life. In fact, she probably saved it.

And did I lose the weight? I honestly don’t know! Because very quickly, the numbers on the scales lost meaning, and the only numbers that matter now are the numbers on my Garmin!


Recent posts

I love writing about running almost as much as I love running itself. Here are some of my latest posts. 

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