Ultimate guide to finding the best jogging stroller in 2020

13 Aug 2020

Lisa Scott, Editor

Being a parent is tough, and finding the best running pram can feel like even more hard work. I’m always in awe of those parents who manage to smash out a super-quick parkrun while pushing a pram with two kids happily tucked in for the ride.  

Running with a pram is undoubtedly hard, but making the right choice can make your run easier. So I’ve written this complete guide, detailing everything you could possibly need to know so you can find the best jogging pram for you.

There are a few safety features that prams for running must have, and a few other features that will make running with a pram much, much easier.

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Most prams and strollers on the market are not suitable for running, and not only would they be uncomfortable for you, they could easily put your child (or you) at risk of injury.

Only prams, buggies, strollers and carts/trailers that are specifically designed to be used while running are included in this guide.

However, whether you’re running with two kids, or just one, over smooth footpaths or rough terrain, this ultimate guide to the best jogging stroller covers it all.

Running pram comparison chart

ModelStyleFront wheelWeightOur rating
Bugaboo RunnerSingleFixed12.7kg3.8
Thule Urban Glide 2SingleLockable swivel11.4kg4.4
Mountain Buggy TerrainSingleLockable swivel12.9kg4.3
BOB Revolution ProSingleLockable swivel12.8kg4.7
Baby Jogger Summit X3SingleLockable swivel12.5kg4.5
Phil and Teds Sub 4SingleFixedunpublished3.6
Bumbleride SpeedSingleLockable swivel11.8kg4.4
Mountain Buggy Urban JungleSingleLockable swivel11.2kg4.2

Safety considerations

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that running with babies under six months old is not recommended. In fact, some health professional recommend not running with baby until they are at least a year old. This is because they do not have sufficient head and neck control, and their little heads (and brains) cannot withstand the jostling and movement that comes with travelling in a pram pushed while running.

Please speak with a health professional and get the all-clear if you’re not sure if your little one is ready for running in a jogging pram.

Must-have features

These are the essential features that I believe all the best running prams Australia should have.

Three wheels

Running prams always have just 3 wheels, not 4. This allows them to be lighter and more maneuverable, which is essential when pushing it while running.

Running prams have very little resistance and require little effort to push. When running, this is a very good thing; however, it can also be riskier, as a running pram will continue to roll quickly and easily, especially down a hill or shopping centre ramp.

This means you must hold onto the pram at all times, or engage its brakes to slow it down.

Hand brake

Because running prams are designed to move with as little effort as possible (which makes running with them so much easier), it’s also easy for the pram to gather speed unexpectedly. This is where a handbrake is essential, as it acts much like a bicycle brake does. If you feel your pram is getting too much pace, you can use the handbrake to slow it down quickly, easily, and – most importantly – safely.

(Please note: neither the Bumbleride Speed or the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle have a handbrake. I have rated them lower than other running prams reviewed in this guide because of this.)

Lockable or fixed front wheel

When using a pram designed specifically for running, a fixed or lockable front wheel means you’ll be able to keep your pram heading in the right direction more easily. If the front wheel was to swivel uncontrollably while running, it could easily send you off in the wrong direction, into other runners. In general, it’s just far more difficult and unpleasant to try to run with a pram with a swivelling front wheel. Think of the times you’ve got a shopping trolley with a dodgy front wheel – well trying to run with a swivel wheel is pretty much the same feeling. Not fun!

So, either a fixed wheel at the front, or a swivel front wheel that can be locked into place is a must!

(And if you’re wondering how you turn with a running pram — it’s easy! Just push down on the handlebar to lift the front wheel off the ground, and turn).

Wrist strap

A wrist-strap is an essential safety feature on running prams and connects your wrist to the pram’s handlebar. Should your hand slip off the pram, or you trip and fall, the wrist strap will stop your running pram from rolling into harm’s way.

In normal, everyday use, a wrist strap is not as important, but with running it’s so important that I have not reviewed any running buggies that do not include it.

That being said, the best running buggies can have all the best safety features in the world, but they are not going to work unless you’re using those features! So when lacing up for a run with your little one safely tucked into their running pram, please, please, please ensure you use the wrist strap!

Air-filled tyres

Even the smoothest of footpaths can have a few bumps and cracks, and hitting them at speed while running can be a nightmare. So air-filled tyres will ensure a smooth ride for both you and bubs. Sure, they might need a little more maintenance than regular pram wheels, but filled tyres always give the comfiest ride.

Top running pram reviews

My top pick — BOB Revolution Pro review

This pram is one of the best prams for running in 2019. It is also the least expensive option available and has all the features you would expect in a running pram. Many mum runners swear by this pram and love its ease of use and reliability.

Apart from the very attractive price, the BOB Revolution Pro has some key features I really like.

  • Adjustable suspension with coil shock absorbers
  • Adjustable handlebar with nine different heights
  • Large protective canopy, with a peek-a-boo window
  • Multi-level recliner seat for baby or your older toddler
  • Rear drum brakes operated by the handbrake
  • Parking footbrake doesn’t impede running
  • Durable, well-padded seat provides a comfy and smooth ride for bub
  • One-click removable wheels
  • Can carry a child up to 25kg in weight

The BOB Revolution Pro is a top single pram that is durable and suitable for both rough terrain as well as everyday use. However, it does have a few drawbacks.

  • At 12.8kg it is one of the heaviest running prams available in Australia
  • It has a small-ish basket that doesn’t carry as much as other prams
  • It’s large when folded, and although it’s easy to fold down it does not have an automatic lock, which means it’s a bit harder to lock in a folded position.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I think the BOB Revolution pro is one the best running prams available in Australia in 2019. It’s also the best off road pram. I’m not the only one who thinks this a great running buggy, many mum runners swear by this pram and love its ease of use and reliability.

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Thule Urban Glide 2 review

The Thule (pronounced Too-lah) Urban Glide 2 is a solid choice that is quite a bit more expensive as my top pick, but also has a lot of happy customers.

Weighing 11.4kg, the Urban Glide 2 is one of the lighter jogging strollers I’ve reviewed. It is a high quality, durable running pram that has some terrific features not seen in other running prams in Australia.

  • Twist-style handbrake incorporated into the handle
  • Reflective strips on wheels and canopy
  • Large waterproof basket with a zip closure offering heaps of storage space and protection
  • Very large, moveable sun canopy made with 50+ UPF fabric
  • Excellent suspension for an ultra-smooth ride
  • Easy, one-handed folding mechanism with automatic lock
  • Can be used as a travel system, with newborn bassinet available, as well as adapters for many different brands of infant car seats
  • Can carry kids up to 34kg in weight

As with all running prams reviewed in this guide, the Thule Urban Glide 2 has large air-filled tyres, and is quite bulky even when folded.

It also has an adjustable handlebar, although with only a few height settings, leaving many parents a little dissatisfied with the few settings. It also does not have adjustable suspension.

Some parents also believe the seat, although comfortable, is a little too narrow for their toddlers.

Overall though, this Thule running pram is a great option that can be used right from birth (when used with an infant car seat or bassinet) and can be adjusted as your child grows. Remember, only run with your child in a jogging pram once they can sit upright by themselves, which is when they are about 6-8 months old.

If you’re looking for a running pram that can double as an everyday pram, and be adjusted to accommodate your child as he or she grows, then this is a very good option.

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Bugaboo Runner review

The Bugaboo Runner is purely a pram built for running in mind. With a fixed wheel, and small-ish underseat basket, it’s not a good option for everyday use. If you’re looking for a versatile pram that is also suitable for regular shopping trips as well as running, then this Bugaboo running pram is not the one for you.

However, if you’re looking for a very stable pram suitable for all-terrain running as well as your regular parkrun, then this is a great option.

Some of its attractive features include:

  • Height-adjustable handlebar — although it only has 3 positions
  • Fixed front wheel and adjustable tracking on both sides, to ensure a perfectly straight, smooth run
  • Handbrake that sits underneath the entire length of the handlebar
  • Sun canopy can completely cover your child, protecting them from the elements
  • Seat can face outward or face towards you
  • Underseat basket has velcro straps to hold your gear in place while you run
  • Can be bought as just the chassis, which can fit many models of Bugaboo seats

However, there are a few features that aren’t so great with this pram that need to be mentioned.

  • Not suitable as an everyday pram as it’s not very maneuverable because of its fixed front wheel
  • No peekaboo window, despite having the biggest canopy we’ve ever seen on a pram
  • Only suitable for children older than 9 months, and weighing 17kg or less.
  • Needs two hands to fold and does not have an automatic lock when folded

The age and weight restrictions in this pram are its biggest drawbacks. If you’ve got a particularly heavy toddler, then you will need to upgrade your pram very quickly and will get limited use out of it. As it’s such an expensive item, I’d personally recommend looking at some of the other prams included in this guide.

The Bugaboo Runner is a stylish option, with the child seat positioned quite a lot higher than other running prams on the market. This gives your child a great vantage point to explore the world, or chat with you as you exercise.

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Mountain Buggy Terrain review

There are plenty of very happy running mums with this pram, and in a recent discussion amongst parents who run with their prams, this buggy was well-regarded and highly recommended.

While not quite as popular as our top pick, the Mountain Buggy Terrain has many fans, and it has plenty of great features to boot.

  • Comes with two sets of wheels – ‘active’ wheels for running, and ‘urban’ wheels for everyday use
  • Child is seated quite high (and forward-facing), so has a great view
  • One-handed folding mechanism with auto-lock and can stand by itself
  • Rear drum-brakes operated by a bicycle-style handbrake
  • Adjustable handlebar with many height options
  • Compatible with a wide variety of infant car seats
  • Large storage basket suitable for large nappy bags and is zip-covered

In addition to the above points, the Mountain Buggy features a seat that can almost lie completely flat, making it suitable to use from birth (although, never use this pram for running until your child is at least 6-8 months old and has good head and neck control).

The ability to easily swap wheels depending on how you will be using this pram makes it an incredibly versatile piece of baby equipment.

Despite these excellent points though, the Mountain Buggy Terrain does have a few things worth considering.

  • At 12.9kg it is the heaviest jogging pram on the market, and many women can really feel its heaviness while running
  • Average-sized sun shade, with a peekaboo window that is too far forward, meaning you must lean over the pram to get a good look at your little one
  • An adjustable tracking system that is difficult to use and doesn’t always work well

All things considered, this pram is definitely one of the best prams for running in Australia today. It’s a versatile, adjustable pram that will suit casual runners as well as suitable for everyday use.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 review

Despite the brand name, not all Baby Jogger prams are suitable for jogging. However, the Summit X3 is designed with running parents in mind. It’s got some great features, including

  • Suspension on all 3 wheels, not just the rear ones
  • Very large sun canopy made with 50+ UPF fabric
  • Seat reclines to an almost fully flat position
  • Massive weight limit — can carry a child weighing up to 34kg
  • Can lock the front wheel in place remotely via the handlebar

Despite these things, there are actually a lot of issues with this pram, and unfortunately it is not one of the best running baby strollers.

  • Handlebar is not adjustable
  • Handbrake is in an annoying position and can be quite difficult to use
  • Basket is large but hard to access
  • Front wheel can often develop a wobble that cannot be fixed, rendering the pram next to useless for running (and sometimes even walking).

Honestly, considering this pram is so much more expensive than other popular prams for running, I think there are better choices available. However, there are plenty of owners who love their Summit X3, so maybe you’ll be one of them.

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Phil and Teds Sub 4 review

This Phil and Teds running pram is their only model designed specifically for runners, and it’s a terrific option for keen, speedy runners who are focused on performance. Although it appears to be a discontinued model now, it’s still available on their website for a significantly discounted price.

Marketed as the world’s fastest running buggy, this is one of the best prams for running I’ve reviewed. With more in common with racing road bikes than baby prams, this pram is made for the keen, performance runner in mind.

  • Low resistance, making it ridiculously easy to push while running
  • Sleek and long frame that is stable and secure when travelling at speed
  • Aerodynamic seat with ventilation
  • Disc brakes operated from the handlebar

This pram is truly built for speed and serious training in mind. It has eliminated all excess features to ensure a super-smooth and fast ride. It does not include any storage options at all, and has a fixed front wheel, making it completely impractical for everyday use.

However, if you’re keen to run a sub 2-hour half marathon while pushing your kid, then this pram is a definite must in my books!

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle review

Lots and lots of running mums love this pram, and for good reason. It’s an easy-to-push, easy-to-use pram suitable for running on paved surfaces as well as for everyday use. It’s also offered at a competitive price point, so it’s hard to go past this option.

Weighing just 11.2kg, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle pram is one of the lightest in my list of top running prams. It has some other notable features that are worth considering also.

  • Can carry a child weighing up to 25kg, and about 5 years old
  • Seat folds down flat, making it suitable for a newborn*
  • Replacement parts are easy to buy direct from Mountain Buggy
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Large basket can carry up to 10kg
  • Very easy to fold, and is quite easy to carry when folded and quite compact
  • Can fit the Mountain Buggy bassinet

*never run with a newborn – health professionals recommend waiting until your child is at least 6-8 months old with good head and neck control before running with them in a dedicated 3 wheel running pram.  

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle makes a great all-round pram suitable for both running and everyday running around. Parents love the flexibility of this pram, as well as its easy maneuverability.

It does, however, come with a major drawback.

This pram lacks a dedicated handbrake for slowing you down while running, which I believe makes this choice less safe than other prams I’ve reviewed. Instead of a footbrake (used as a ‘park break’), the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle has located it on the handlebar. But make no mistake, this is most definitely not a handbrake. It is either on or off, and cannot be used when running to slow the speed of the pram down.

Apart from that one, rather important, flaw, this pram is a great choice if you’re looking for flexibility with a pram suitable for normal everyday use as well as some slow, easy running.

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Bumbleride Speed review

You don’t see many of these running prams in action, but when you do, it’s hard not to be impressed. The Bumbleride Speed is a stylish, lightweight option, with some serious environmental credentials. For example it uses recycled PET bottles for the fabric – so you can run and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

With all wheels having suspension, it makes a super-smooth cruise for your little one. It also has some other great features worth mentioning.

  • Easy to push and turn, with low resistance
  • Seat easily folds to a full recline position, so your passenger can nap comfortably
  • Compact and automatically locks when folded, and self-stands
  • Adjustable handlebar and large storage basket
  • Very large sun canopy, and the seat has a removable back panel to increase ventilation easily
  • Can carry a child up to 29.5kg in weight
  • Handlebar fitted with a bell, so you can warn walkers ahead of you

Although this running pram is priced at the higher end of the market, I think there are actually much better options that are less costly. The biggest drawback of the Bumbleride Speed is its lack of a handbrake. Personally, I think a handbrake is an essential safety feature for all the best prams for running, so the omission of one on the Bumbleride Speed is a bit of a surprise. Especially as they have included a bike bell on the handlebar — which seems like a bit of a novelty rather than a must-have safety feature.

Some of the other not-so-great features include

  • Convoluted, two-handed folding mechanism
  • Need to purchase a separate adapter to make it compatible with various infant car seats
  • Not as easy to run with as other dedicated running prams
  • Pricey

Overall, I think the Bumbleride Speed is a decent enough pram that uses features from regular everyday use prams as well as running prams. It is a good hybrid, but doesn’t really do either everyday use or running well, which is a bit disappointing, especially considering the how much this pram costs.

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Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

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