The complete guide to finding the best running pram in 2019

22 Nov 2018

Lisa Scott, Editor

Being a parent is tough, and finding the best running pram can feel like even more hard work. I’m always in awe of those parents who manage to smash out a super-quick parkrun while pushing a pram with two kids happily tucked in for the ride.  

Running with a pram is undoubtedly hard, but making the right choice can make your run easier. So I’ve written this complete guide, detailing everything you could possibly need to know so you can find the best jogging pram for you.

There are a few safety features that prams for running must have, and a few other features that will make running with a pram much, much easier.

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Most prams and strollers on the market are not suitable for running, and not only would they be uncomfortable for you, they could easily put your child (or you) at risk of injury.

Only prams, buggies, strollers and carts/trailers that are specifically designed to be used while running are included in this guide.

However, whether you’re running with two kids, or just one, over smooth footpaths or rough terrain, this ultimate guide to the best jogging stroller covers it all.

Running pram comparison chart

ModelStyleFront wheelWeightOur rating
Bugaboo RunnerSingleFixed12.7kg3.8
Thule Urban Glide 2SingleLockable swivel11.4kg4.4
Mountain Buggy TerrainSingleLockable swivel12.9kg4.3
SingleLockable swivel12.8kg4.7
Baby Jogger Summit X3SingleLockable swivel12.5kg4.5
BOB IronmanSingleFixed10.5kg4.7
Phil and Teds Sub 4SingleFixedunpublished3.6
Bumbleride SpeedSingleLockable swivel11.8kg4.4
Mountain Buggy Urban JungleSingleLockable swivel11.2kg4.2

BOB Revolution Pro review

This pram is my pick for best running pram in 2019. It’s one of the least expensive options available and has all the features you would expect in a running pram. Many mum runners swear by this pram and love its ease of use and reliability.

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Thule Urban Glide 2 review

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is another solid choice. It’s quite a bit more expensive as my top pick, but it also has a lot of happy customers.

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Bugaboo Runner review

Another more expensive option, the Bugaboo Runner is a little difficult to get in Australia, but it’s a particularly well-built pram, suitable for the more serious (i.e. quicker) runners. 

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Mountain Buggy Terrain review

There are plenty of very happy running mums with this pram, and in a recent discussion amongst parents who run with their prams, this buggy was well-regarded and highly recommended.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 review

Despite the brand name, not all Baby Jogger prams are suitable for jogging. However, the Summit X3 certainly is. With many happy customers, and offered at a good price point, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is well worth considering.

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Phil and Teds Sub 4 review

This is Phil and Teds only model designed specifically for runners, and it’s a great option. Although it appears to be a discontinued model now, it’s still available on their website for a significantly discounted price. 

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle review

Lots and lots of running mums love this pram, and for good reason. It’s an easy-to-push, easy-to-use pram suitable for running on paved surfaces as well as for everyday use. It’s also offered at a competitive price point, so it’s hard to go past this option.

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Bumbleride Speed review

You don’t see many of these running prams in action, but when you do, it’s hard not to be impressed. This is a lightweight option, which uses recycled PET bottles for the fabric – so you can run and be environmentally friendly at the same time. With all wheels having suspension, it makes a super-smooth cruise for your little one.

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BOB Ironman review

The BOB Ironman pram is a versatile option for many new mums. It’s a great all-round option suitable for everyday use as well as running. 

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